Boat Journey is a turn-based game where you drive a boat through a procedurally-generated landscape on a voyage along a river destined for the ocean. Accept passengers to have them help you on your journey. Fight monsters, collect junk, trade the junk for fuel, use the fuel to travel to the ocean.


  • Large procedurally-generated world
  • Turn the boat at 45 degree increments
  • Text-only graphics. You can play it in a terminal if you like!
  • Hand-drawn ansi-art character portraits
  • You can take on a ghost as a passenger and then become a ghost yourself.


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This one is really well done, one of my favorites. Resources are tight, but it's very winnable and has a nice atmosphere. Making the best of passenger abilities to help safely grab junk to fund the journey was neat, and now I'm wondering if I should do more playthroughs to discover if there are more potential companions out there... I had three with me at the end, and even had an empty seat when I made it to the ocean, but I ended up winning that first run so I'm not sure if there are more options to uncover. (I recorded the run on stream: timestamped link.) It was interesting to see you can have up to nine seats?!

Thank you so much for playing on your stream :D. Glad you enjoyed it! If you want to find out what happened with your name at the end...I guess you'll have to do some more playthroughs ;)

Ooh okay yeah maybe I should :)

Certainly would be faster the second time around, not having to also figure out the mechanics and second guess every potential move, and I had some more questions to answer anyway...


so far I like it a lot