The illness makes you strong, but you're losing control.

In the frozen wastes, you find a cave, rumoured to contain a cure.

This is your last hope.

Get Well Soon is a turn-based tactical dungeon crawler where all abilities are cards. Maintain your deck as you fight through 6 procedurally-generated levels to reach the bottom of the dungeon and reclaim what you have lost.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withRust
LicenseMIT License
LinksBlog, Source code


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Looks cool, I wanted to play this for one of my 7DRL streams since Get Well Soon ended up getting pretty high marks from reviewers, but unfortunately every time I open it up on Windows 10 the contents of the game are larger than the window itself, so I can't see the abilities at the bottom or the right side of the map. (Also tried compatibility mode with Windows 7, same thing.)


I wanted to check your game, but unfortunately I can't run it. Window opens then closes immediately, without error message or stack trace. I'm on Windows 10.