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Really enjoyed this! Played quite a few rounds.

Couldn't quite figure out everything though, for example why i would 'discard' something.

The idea of this is very cool. Its really interesting to play out these battles with full knowledge. I love the color palette and the music. Dang if it isn't hard though, I got obliterated like 4 runs before giving up heh. Awesome!

Cool game!  being able to react to the enemy actions a turn early was very fun, and not as op as it sounds due to the deck-like style of att and defense.  I will admit I wasn't really sure how defense played into combat, and teleport was really disorienting being instant.  I did manage to beat it on my 2nd run though!  Was starting to get really low on attacks until I got some lucky drops from the spawn of the first boss (a 57 vs the 2nd full hp boss did wonders)

I love the theme. The colors, icons and music express it perfectly. The combat system is interesting—the initial skill selection is confusing without having played before, but I picked it up quite easily after that. I'll have to play some more.

I couldn't hear the sound or music, but I gotta say this game is pretty dang great. Colors, theme, combat system was pretty fun!

Thanks! Were you playing in a browser or did you download the game to play locally? The downloadable version has the sound disabled due to a bug I found on the last day of the 7DRL. The sound in the browser version should work, but you may have to give the page permission to play sound.

I really liked the colors and style - very cool :)